The secrets of the crystals

What goes through your mind when you think of healing with crystals?

Curious? curious? Not sure? Too mystical? Too far fetched? apathetic?

Open your mind and see where the knowledge of healing with crystals can take you…

The secret of healing with crystals is known to everyone who is interested in it and to those who want to touch its colorful truth. It is clear as day to those who have studied it properly and thoroughly.

This is not an advertising campaign of a ‘Crystal Healing Clinic’, but rather an introduction to a detailed and up-to-date explanation of diagnosis by crystals and its healing method on all its unique points and effectiveness. Our underlying desire is our sincere desire to help others enjoy the benefits of a natural and effective treatment method.

Why is there such a strong reaction to this method? it’s understood. We grew up in a modern culture that is not open to such an approach. From early childhood we only knew conventional medicine. We are used to going to a doctor, a “doctor” and taking medicines they prescribe. We have never seen crystals in our pharmacies. We swallow and apply medicines made of chemical ingredients and put them into our bodies in order to heal and help us. These chemicals are what we are used to and familiar with.

So how do crystals work?

Everything in nature has a molecular frequency, meaning – electrons and protons move around the cell nucleus at a certain rate. This is referred to as frequency. Since everything has a frequency, it is clear that the human body also has a frequency, every organ and part of the human body has its own frequency, and stones also have different frequencies. Since the human body is made up of many different materials, there are several frequencies within it. There is a difference between skin tissue and muscle tissue, and between them and bone tissue, etc. When there is a problem in a certain part of the body, there is a change in the frequency of the affected organ, whether it is an injury to the body. Skin, muscles, internal organs and bones.

To summarize: when a certain organ in our body does not function properly, its frequency changes. In contrast, the stone frequencies do not change. Therefore, when a certain frequency in our body is irregular, we are attracted to the stone with the specific frequency we lack. This is the basis of frequency medicine. It means that we are attracted to what we lack, thereby completing what we lack.

Crystals and gemstones have been used as powerful tools to expand awareness and consciousness since the dawn of human history. Because crystals can be fully integrated into almost any treatment and healing method, they are considered the most powerful and simplest tools that exist that are able to balance the different dimensions of existence and the chakras (energy centers of the body). The wide spectrum of gemstone colors and the variety of their shapes reflect their diverse properties, making them powerful tools for opening, clearing and balancing human energy fields and disturbances in these energy fields. The effect of gems and crystals is rapid and quickly felt by the user, and as a result there has been a great increase in popularity of this ancient method of healing in recent years.

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