Courses & workshops

Courses & workshops

For many years Dr. Gavrielov has been conducting courses and workshops in Israel and abroad, as well as seminars and lectures about treatment and healing using gemstones and issues related to alternative and supplementary medicine.

Dr. Gavrielov has trained dozens of practitioners, and many of her students currently use the professional know-how they acquired under her guidance in treatment:

  • Introduction to Crystals course
  • Diagnosis and healing course
  • Course in nutrition, diet and stones
  • Workshop for use of stones for positive thinking
  • Marathon workshop for foreigners – Bnei Bra
  • Variety of workshops, seminars and lectures conducted abroad
  • Lectures throughout Israel

Dr. Gavrielov is a skilled lecturer, and is very popular with workshop participants and with students who wish to enhance their knowledge and utilize it in their own field (reflexology, Shiatsu, One-Mind, Kinsyology, Channeling, Astrology, Taro cards, Cosmetics, and more), as well as people seeking a healthier, alternative lifestyle that is not totally dependent on conventional medicine.

Courses and workshops are a corrective experience, suitable for anyone interested in expanding their horizons and enriching their quality of life.

In the variety of lectures, courses and workshops, we will discover and acquire innovative tools to help in all aspects of our lives (body, soul, spirit) – tranquility, strength, stability, mental and emotional energy, satisfaction, internal harmony and confidence, reduction of stress and anxiety, relief of physical and emotional pain, creating motivation for positive thinking.

We will also rediscover the internal beauty deep within us, become familiar with it and learn to use it in our daily life.


24 Harav Nimrover Street, Givat Shmuel 54019, Israel

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