Diet, Nutrition & Stones Course

Diet, Nutrition & Stones Course

Proper nutrition is rapidly gaining recognition as a healing method in Israel and throughout the world, and is acquiring numerous supporters.

it is clear that more people are seeking alternatives to conventional medicines and drugs that offer a diverse variety of natural solutions that are customized to our modern life style.

The knowledge acquired in this course focuses on a wide variety of topics, and provides reliable and comprehensive tools for a healthier and improved way of life.
Among the topics that are reviewed in-depth in the course:

A. Proper weight loss – once and for all
B. Heart conditions: cleansing cholesterol from blood vessels, cleansing fats from the blood and liver.
C. Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, skin asthma, acne.
D. Depressive tendencies: mood swings, lack of emotional control.
E. Digestive problems: ulcer, Chrohn, Candida.
F. Chronic fatigue: Yuppie disease, mononucleosis, insomnia.

Additional course in nutrition
For patients who want to recover and healthy people who want to stay healthy.
This course requires participants to implement significant changes in their nutritional habits and adopt a new method and way of life whose results, in all aspects of life, are amazing,
taking off at least 20 years! You’ll receive the gift of long life – that’s no joke!

You’ll gradually reduce medication to zero!

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