Stretch Bracelet for Focused Concentration


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Development of Linear and Cognitive way of Thinking –

Tiger Eye, Aventurine and Lapis Lazulai size 8 mm

Bracelet Size 7.5″

The energy of this bracelet is there for you to study better,
to read and remember and being able to concentrate in your work.

Tiger Eye – The best for concentrating better.
Helps with difficult and stressful situations.
Also good for decision making, courage,
balance and personal empowerment

Green Aventurine – Helps you “turn a page”, being flexible,
and create and activate in a new beginning.
It is the stone of luck and chance. It is said to increase
perception and creative insight.

Lapis Lazulai– One of the oldest stones.
Helps to clear and open the chakras. Stimulates the
mind and helps with understanding. It helps to connect
between emotional and rational levels. It helps developing a
wider concept. It provides capabilities for deeper studies. face


These bracelets are made from genuine gemstones, each bracelet
was created for a particular health, emotional or spiritual need.
The variation of gemstones and their colors create harmonious
vibrations that enhance the stones power and it
is ideal to wear throughout the day.

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Stretch Bracelet for Focused Concentration