How to choose the right stone for me.

More painkillers that suffocate the pain and leave it and the cause of its formation sealed and clogged inside us

Conventional medicine often helps us in the treatment of various types of pain, while few are the ones who understand that the pain we
Feeling is nothing more than a symptom whose purpose is to warn against the problem itself

By choosing the stones we are able to diagnose and lead ourselves directly to the depth and root of the pain while understanding and clarifying the real cause
which is at the heart of the problem. The more you learn over time to listen to the stones and make contact with them, the more the energies intensify and become more pleasant
and immeasurably effective

For example, a person who is currently suffering from asthmatic problems will intuitively choose the stone Rudicorsite, which helps to relieve breathing
A person who has difficulty concentrating will be attracted to the tiger’s eye stone, which will improve his ability to concentrate and so on

Summary: Actually the stone chooses me according to my situation at the time of choosing

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