The crystals in the Bible and tradition

Names of the power of Parshat Titzvah

15 And you made a judgment, a deed of thought–as a deed of Ephed, you shall do it; Light blue gold and crimson and second wormwood, and six weavers–do with it. 16 square will be, double; The pinky is long, and the pinky is wide. 17 And you filled it with stone, four columns of stone:

Tour, Adam Petda and Barkat–the first column, 18, and the second column, Nephech Sapir, and Yahlem, 19, and the third column, for his name, and Ahlma, 20, and the fourth column, Tarshish, and they, and Vishpah, shall be inlays of gold, in their entirety, 21, and the stones shall be on – The sons of Israel are dead, twelve–for their dead, open a seal, each one for his name, you will be, twelve tribes.

Names of Lt Parshat Pikodi
Lt 8: And he made the breastplate of a work of thought, like the work of an ephod: gold, blue, and purple, and two–six threads. The square was double, they made the breastplate – the ring of its length and the ring of its width, double. And they filled it with four, stone columns: Tor, Adam Petda and Barkat–the column, the one. Lat, 11 and the column, the second half of Sapir, and Yehlam. Let, 12 and the column, the third – to the same name, and Ahlama. Lat, 13 and the column, the fourth – Tarshish they are, and Vishpa: a gold slot is added. in their fullness. To the hand and the stones for the dead of the children of Israel, there are twelve for their dead: open the seal of each one for his name, for the twelve tribes.

We read for the first time about the stones of the breastplate in the book of Exodus chapter 28, a clear commandment parasha and it is known that there is not a single letter or word in the Torah that is superfluous, therefore it is very puzzling that after only one parasha the stones are mentioned again, and all in extreme detail. To teach us, what special importance the matter has. And how special are the stones of the breastplate when they are indeed read about in the scriptures and given the honor that God has given them, it is interesting to discover that some of the above verses were written by Pharisees, beginning with our Lord in my life, through the signs – the heroes, to Abraham the physician. The Mishnah, the Gemara, etc. ‘and.

Our late sage attributed spiritual and physical virtues to the gems and tangible effects to each and every stone. Each in his generation starting with the first priest
Our Rabbi Chai in his commentary on the Torah (Exodus 28) says that “You do not have any stone or stone of the precious stones that you do not draw strength from the Most High” and continues
The glorious Midrash (Bereishit Rabbah 14) that when the rains fall, everything is blessed, even a good stone moves and receives strength from above and continues. The precious stones are the dozen stones of the breastplate “and all the other precious stones are their names, their branches and the history of the stones of the breastplate” “The holy Zohar in the name of Rashbi “You will find wonder and wisdom in me” in the stones of the breastplate” “and the stone Ezra in his commentary on the Torah (Exodus 28- 9) writes “All the powers will be found in the history of each and every stone and our Rabbi continues in my life in his book Midrash Talpiot and refers to the virtue of the stones and adds a reason and reason to each stone and to each tribe its color, the powers and effects of each and every stone. Ruby is the father of Reuven and according to the same precept its virtue is for clarity of eyes and stops the blood and strengthens the heart and calms anger and adds “And the virtue of the ruby stone is that every woman who carries it never falls, and it is good for a woman who makes it difficult to give birth. And if worn, mixing it with eating and drinking is very beneficial in pregnancy. It is a virtue during an epidemic”. And in this way we learn about the properties of the other stones

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