Success Stories

I’ve been divorced for 5 years. I’m getting remarried soon. My first marriage left me with a minor wound regarding marital life. My wife was always complaining, never satisfied with our relationship, so now I really hope that everything will turn out fine. I tried to look up a website on health, something that offers solutions to various problems, since I also suffer from insomnia, due to my worries and fears. I found Dr. Gila’s website and discovered different remedies, and it was really Divine Providence that led me to discover the elixir for men, in addition to the elixir for restful sleep. This gave me a lot of confidence and happiness.

D.S. – 32 year old, Afraid of his second marriage

Shalom! During my pre-wedding classes I was shy and introverted. I listened to the Rabbi that was teaching me the proper halachos(Jewish laws) and practical instructions, but I didn’t dare to open my mouth and ask questions. It all seemed to me as if the subject was too sensitive, something you are not supposed to discuss. Gradually I realized that I was losing out on a lot of information, because of my reluctance to pose questions. The Rav, noticing my shyness, referred me to Dr. Gila Gavrielov, telling me that he sends many grooms that find it difficult to adjust to their new reality, and that she provides them with the cure to their problems. The way from my Yeshiva to her home is really easy, so we set a time that was convenient for both of us and I went to see her. Without hesitating for a moment, she recommended the Health and Vitality Elixir for Men, saying that it would also help with being open in my married life. I tried it and I was astonished to discover how it opened up for me a world that I was too scared to enter.

K.M. - 22 years old, Shy and introverted

I have a 10 year old son that has become a really untidy child, what we call “a balaganist (untidy)”! His school work is deteriorating, his siblings are always mad at him, and often so am I… The teacher really asked me to see that he gets some kind of treatment, since things simply can’t go on like this. One thing I knew for certain: I’m not giving him Ritalin, no matter what… Thankfully, by word of mouth, I heard about the elixir that replaces Ritalin. We didn’t waste any time and tried it out, thinking that we had nothing to lose… Thanks to the Almighty, we started seeing real improvement, and our lives improved immeasurably.

B.N. - 39 years old, Mother of a child who needs Ritalin

During the current school year, I felt as if I couldn’t enter the class anymore; my work was wearing me down, and I felt that I deserved a double salary, for teaching a borderline special-needs class. What do I mean by “borderline”? I’m a third-grade teacher, with more than 3 kids in my class on Ritalin – the popular medication prescribed to any child that is a little more than usually mischievous. I don’t have to tell you about the detrimental side-effects of this medication. Ritalin takes away from the child his good side as well. Sometimes, these children just stare at me with such apathy, as if I were simply air. They start daydreaming, and then it’s like talking to a brick wall. Some mornings, when the mother is a little more harried than usual, she forgets to give them the pill, and then I can forget about teaching, assuming the role of a soldier in the battlefield instead. About a month ago, our school organized an advanced study seminar for our teaching staff. Among the lecturers we also had Dr. Gila Gavrielov that told us about crystal therapy and how beneficial it is for both physical as well as emotional problems. After the lecture, I came up to her and told her of my problems in class, and she immediately offered me an elixir for excessive energy, attention disorder and lack of balance, from her wide range of essences. She also explained the unique benefit in using crystals, in that the mineral is absorbed by the body, making this treatment much more thorough, without any side-effects.

A.E. - 31 years old, Having trouble teaching in her class

How easy, for a change, to maintain a regular diet, with the help of the appetite curbing elixir! I comfortably got rid of the 5 excessive kilos that I had.

Y.R. - 34 years old, over-weight

During my last year of training as a high-school teacher, I really enjoyed preparing the lessons that I had to teach in my class. I would invest a lot of creative thought in them, wanting the lessons to be interesting and out of the ordinary. But every time, like a film that repeats itself, as soon as I stood in front of the class, my knees would feel weak, and a strange fear would overcome me. I couldn’t understand how was it possible, that after preparing so thoroughly for the lesson, when I stood in front of the class, it was as if I didn’t know a thing!? I looked for a cure to my problem in numerous places, and after searching high and low, I was introduced to the crystal elixirs. The Courage, Determination & Confidence Elixir is just what I needed. I’m really happy that I chose a completely natural approach to treating my problem, and also that the minerals in the crystals are absorbed in the body and work on the root of the problem.

N.R. - 24 years old, stage fright

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