Stretch Bracelet for Financial success Prosperity and Abundance


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ade, Quartz Crystal and Tiger Eye

The energy of this bracelet is there for you to unblock your
energies and to bring harmony, leaving
your mind to concentrate on your success.
Those gems are a special combination of stones known
for their ability to attract prosperity, wealth, & abundance.
Traditionally, Jade was carried as a good luck talisman.  Additionally,

Tiger Eye is said to attract all good things.

Clear Quartz is added to enhance and amplify the energy
of the power of the bracelet.

JADE – A symbol of purity and serenity.  Works with the
heart chakra.  Said to bring harmony and good luck and prosperity.
Also said to cleanse the body of toxins and balance the bodies

QUARTZ, Clear – The master healer.  Stimulates the
immune system and brings the body into balance
Clear Quartz attunes itself to your specific energy
requirements, thereby enhancing your chances of success.
Unblocks and regulates energy.  Harmonizes the chakras.

TIGER EYE – The best for concentrating better.
Helps with difficult and stressful situations.
Also good for decision making, courage,
balance and personal empowerment

20 Stone 8 mm Each.  Bracelet Size “7.5
These bracelets are made from genuine  gemstones, each bracelet was
created for a particular  health, emotional or spiritual need.
The variation of  gemstones and their colors create
harmonious   vibrations that enhance the stones power
and it is ideal to wear throughout the day.

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Stretch Bracelet for Financial success Prosperity and Abundance