Release from addictions


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Reinforce the body’s systems, the ability for self-restraint,
overcoming the urge to indulge, and accept the new reality.

Energetic essence for weaning from addictions.
Treating addictions using natural crystal energy essence by transferring energy that helps the person manage the distress that is caused by the process of breaking free from addictions.
It is suitable for weaning a child from a pacifier and/or diapers, breaking off the habit of smoking,
becoming free of food addictions, drugs, gambling, etc.
The content of this essence helps the body and soul handle the distress,
while both body and mind adjust to the new reality.
As a result of the energy transfer, all side effects related to the
weaning process become more moderate, while the need for the
addiction gradually decreasing.
This treatment is completely natural, free of chemical medication,
with no need for needles, injections or stickers.
While one is in the process of freeing oneself of any addictive habit,
the systems in charge of the body’s metabolism are malfunctioning,
since the energy flow in the body is out of balance.
The energy that passes through this essence strengthens our
bodily systems, enabling them to adjust to a healthier
life-style – free of any dependency, without any recurring “fall back”
into the clutches of bad habits that caused the addictions. It helps
and offers support in abstaining – no matter what.

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Release from addictions


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Release from addictions