Diabetes Regulation


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Prevents and regulates diabetes.
This formula will regulate and monitor insulin, prevent cravings for sweet foods, satiate the appetite and have a positive effect on the endocrine system. It also helps you stop being a victim of yourself. It will also help you make good use of glucose, which is the body’s main source of energy, without bringing about a decrease in insulin levels.
Detailed instructions are attached to the kit.

Use of the stones is based on ancient and renewed knowledge that has been tested and believed by many to help and heal, and has become an integral part of a wide range of body-soul-spirit therapies.
It is natural, with no side effects, and most importantly – it works (According to Crystal Healing Theory).

Numerous studies conducted have led many to become convinced, that the chemical composition of this combination of stones does indeed change behavior, cause improvement in problematic emotional and physical conditions and provides solutions for a wide variety of phenomena that afflict us and impact negatively on our quality of life.

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Diabetes Regulation