Derma Fix – Skin Relief


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A comforting oil infused with pure and concentrated gemstone minerals for calming and relieving ALL skin ailments

Reduces inflammation

Nourishes the skin

Heals cracked feet


Speeds up the healing process

Use during pregnancy to reduce stretch marks

Use during labor to massage the perineal to increase blood flow, helping the skin stretch and reduce tearing and after birth for post-natal massage and to reduce breast discomfort

Derma Fix – Skin Relief Contains:

Gemstone energy properties

How to Use Derma Fix – Skin Relief:

Apply Derma Fix – Skin Relief oil generously over and around area

Massage well, until absorbed

Repeat twice a day – in the morning and at night before bed. Apply more often if needed

Derma Fix – What a Relief is based on ancient knowledge that has been proven to aide in healing and has become an integral part of numerous methods of treatments for body, mind and soul.

Certified Kosher by Rabbi Landau and the Rabbi of the city of Bnei Brak.

Extensive research was conducted, proving beyond a shadow of a
doubt that the content of this oil indeed effects change,
improves and upgrades the condition of the treated body areas.
This old remedy, in its renewed, advanced composition,
offers quality of life for anyone struggling with pain, as well as athletes.

Our Technique for Preparing essences from Hoshen Stones

These essences were prepared based on scientific knowledge, lots of hard work, many years of experience and the blessing of G-d.

This is an innovative, beneficial and effective invention. These tinctures are privately produced. The liquid used is water from the Jordan River, that was carefully collected and then underwent special filtration, and the stones were selected meticulously. Next, they were “connected” using an “imported” scientific technique. They enjoyed the brilliance of the sun and light of the moon, at certain angles and specific times, to ensure the optimal, most effective results. Emphasis was put on the ability to transfer the energetic frequencies of the stones, with their own personal imprint, into the pure liquid. The process was conducted in natural surroundings, with plants, crystals and various rocks, in a pleasant atmosphere of prayers and harmony. The connection and combination of stones was very carefully chosen.

The result: a wonderful composition of a pure, Torah based, scientific, concentrated and affective essencese.

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Derma Fix – Skin Relief