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X-ray to the body, spirit and mind

Our body is divided into seven energy centers (chakras). Each energy center plays its own role within the body. When we lack energy or have an energy barrier, our brain gets the signal in color. Then the mind signals to you that you need the missing colors. This is the reason why we get attracted to certain gemstones. In the diagnosis you will look at many gemstones and will be asked to choose the ones you are most attracted to. When choosing the gemstones you will choose colors that you may feel you are using your free choice, but in fact, the choice comes from within, from the lack or blockage in one of our seven energy centers. PLACE PICTURE TO THE RIGHT

These gemstones are very noble and unique. They are not like all the geological stones you see around you. They are made with a precise physical structure and their chemical structure is identical to ours: We are made from the same minerals – we both have iron, calcium, magnesium etc. Each mineral fills the gemstone with its own specific color.

In short, when we choose a gemstone according to its color, which has been signaled to the mind from blockage or lack, and we know that the color in the stone comes from the mineral inside it. In essence when we choose a gemstones, we are choosing the minerals we need.

Thus by the results of the diagnosis we can give the patient the right stones for him that will help solve his problems or pains. It is very important that each person chooses his or her own stones, according to the above explanation of the diagnosis.

There may be a situation where several people suffer from the same phenomenon when each has a different cause that led to the problem

Therefore it is better for everyone to get a different solution that will indeed help him.

What is a diagnosis? How will it help me? Do I need to come in? How do I start my personal diagnosis?

You are about to see over 100 types of gemstones. Please take the time to read the below and choose your stones without thinki

  1. Look at them carefully and feel like in a candy store you can pick up what you really like.
  2. Next to each stone you can choose how many we would like from it .. If there is a stone that we feel we would like a lot from because it is really beautiful in our eyes – it is possible to indicate tax.
  3. There are a number of stones where the color between the two is slightly different – you have an open line to write exactly which of the colors you have chosen.
  4. Strive to be spontaneous

At the end of the selection, click “Submit” / SUBMIT on the form and Dr. Gavrielov will receive your diagnosis and a follow-up call will be scheduled with you.


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