Dr. Gavrielov Gila

Doctor Gavrielov (Gemology and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor Gavrielov’s comprehensive experience has resulted in her standing as a senior and sought after lecturer, and as a guest lecturer at leading universities in Europe and the US. She returned to her Jewish roots after a meeting with the greatest man of our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who recommended that she combine holiness into her occupation through use of the earth’s treasures – crystals, Hoshen stones and gemstones.

Doctor Gavrielov (Gemology and Behavioral Sciences), a specialist in diagnosis and healing using crystals, has extensive and proven international experience.

Since her personal life has changed, she has led an ultra-Orthodox religious lifestyle and integrated it into her occupation, with a desire to implement the Rebbe’s advice to bring holiness into the occupation. She worked hard and researched the secrets of stones and crystals Today she is among the few scholars and perhaps even the only one in the entire world who has found the combination and connection between science and faith, as it is realized in the theory of precious stones.

Dr. Gavrielov has trained many dozens of people. Many of her students are currently engaged in the treatment and application of the professional knowledge they have acquired under her guidance. In addition to the above, Dr. Gavrielov trained on a unique diet and after impressive personal experiences of herself and very close family members: gradually expanded the circle, for personal guidance courses and workshops of full and permanent health, only with really, really natural products, proper and completely natural nutrition, With the help of stones and extracts from stones (also completely natural!)

Dr. Gavrielov has developed over the years busy, medicines – shelf, in her natural pharmacy: kits of breastplate stones that create a winning combination to solve many problems as Dr. Gavrielov’s clinic Gila treats most problems ranging from fears and anxieties Tendency to depression, insecurity, tendency to situations Wind changes, nocturnal enuresis, learning difficulties and lack of concentration.
Also blood pressure balance respiratory problems calcium leakage. Menopause, lobes, being overweight, earaches, joints, and more and more

Today, Dr. Gavrielov is known as the leading authority in the field of precious stones, the use and healing with their help while deeply understanding the elusive correlation between mental and emotional balance and physical illness. Dr. Gavrielov has revealed ancient diagnostic and healing methods for achieving wholeness and expanded consciousness, and as such she has been diagnosing and treating. For many years, she has been helping and solving health, mental and spiritual problems for thousands of people in Israel and around the world with great success.

Using a unique method and using the crystals and gems, Dr. Gavrielov diagnoses the real causes that are at the root of our health, emotional, spiritual and mental problems.
The special diagnosis that is made possible through Dr. Gavrielov’s rich experience and great skill functions as a kind of individual X-ray of the body, mind and soul, and is an extremely effective key to mapping the energetic and volatile patterns of our soul.

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